• Azafrán del Oasis

    Taste, smell and colour of Andalusia

Taste, smell and colour of Andalusia


From prehistoric times to the present day, saffron, also known as Red Gold, has been cultivated and consumed by hundreds of civilisations. Now, recovering the Andalusian tradition, Azafrán del oasis brings you a unique product cultivated in the Granadian highlands that will delight the most demanding palates.

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The Oasis Saffron stands out for its stylised deep red stigmas that give it an exceptional quality with one of the highest Crocineindexes in the world


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Commercialises 100% Spanish saffron of the highest quality, sustainably grown in Andalusia

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We offer you a series of unique experiences to complement the Oasis Saffron tasting. 

The oasis

A unique location to grow our saffron.

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