Production of Saffron

What is your saffron really natural?
Our product is completely natural and our field is in the process of being declared organic. 

What are the health benefits of saffron?
Saffron has multiple benefits for the body. It promotes the proper functioning of the digestive system by stimulating the secretion of saliva and bile from the stomach. Thanks to its antioxidant components, it improves memory and learning processes. Last but not least, it also has an anti-depressant effect as its consumption is linked to the secretion of serotonin.

What is the Crocin index of your saffron?
Azafrán del Oasis has a crocin index of over 260. This factor places it among the best in the world.

How does your product help the environment?
Azafrán del Oasis is a project that involves local farmers and generates a new economic activity in the area at the same time as it gives value to the Arab culture that has developed in our area for so many years.

What is the saffron production process?
The production process of our saffron is the key to obtaining such a high quality product. As a result of the meticulous study of the characteristics of the land and the dazzling enthusiasm of its people, Azafrán del Oasis saffron follows a production process that distinguishes it from other products in its category as it is a mostly manual process that recovers the essence of this ancestral crop.


During planting, the bulbs are carefully placed underground. The soil serves as a protective layer and provides the necessary nutrients for the development of the flower and guarantees its growth. The 4-year cycle guarantees that the bulb will receive the nutrients it needs in the optimum quantity and will not suffer from malnutrition, which would affect its growth and the quality of the saffron.

Harvesting the flower

The flower is harvested daily for a month. First thing in the morning, the flowers are cut from their base and placed in wicker baskets that allow them to retain their qualities and remain aerated and fresh until the next stage of the process. During this process, only flowers that are fully formed and at their optimum point of ripeness are harvested, which is why this process is repeated daily throughout the month of October.

Flower picking

After the flowers are harvested, they are placed in the centre of a table where the people in charge of the flower picking process stand around them. At this point the process of separating the stigmas from the rest of the flower begins and they are placed, stigma by stigma, in a wooden bowl. 

Drying the saffron

When all the stigmas have been separated, they are placed one by one on flat trays that are placed in the drying cabinet. During this process, the stigmas are subjected to high temperatures for periods of 20 minutes, at which point they are ready to be packaged.

About Azafrán del Oasis

How did your idea come about?
Our idea arises from the recovery of an atavistic product from the Arab world to bring it to our days turning it into a top quality product capable of making your palate travel through time and space.

Why saffron?
Saffron is one of the spices most closely linked to Arab cuisine and the link between this culture and our territory was a clear decision.

Who are the partners supporting the project?
This project is supported by SLOW PHILOSOPHY and we actively collaborate with the ASPADISSE foundation of Huéscar.