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Saffron 5 grams

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5 grams of Saffron from the Oasis cultivated with care, caressing the stigmas delicately and drying thanks to the warm wind of the Altiplano Grenadian. Buy saffron of the highest quality in our 5 gram format. (Approximately 125 servings)

High quality gourmet saffron

Discover the highest quality of saffron with Saffron from the Oasis. Its golden strands are cultivated at an altitude of more than 900 meters, in the Granada highlands. The result is a superior quality product, with a Crocin index of over 250, and which manages to take gastronomy and your star dishes to a new level thanks to its incredible organoleptic properties.

Saffron usage tips

  • Avoid toasting: our saffron is previously dried in a traditional process. Therefore, it is not advisable to roast the product more, which could lose its superior properties in odor and flavor during this process.
  • Infuse in water: Contrary to the previous case, a good practice to take advantage of all the organoleptic properties of saffron is to infuse the spice in water for proper absorption.

If we follow these two tips we will get some delicious dishes in our kitchen.

    Health benefits

    Saffron is considered in many circles as a "superfood" thanks to its many health benefits:
    • Digestive system: Saffron helps the digestive system as it promotes the secretion of saliva, making food easier to digest. In addition, thanks to crocetin, it also stimulates the secretion of bile in the stomach. In general, this spice thus improves the functioning of the entire gastric system.
    • Improve memory: Our Saffron from the Oasis has a large number of antioxidant components that improve learning and cognitive processes, which in turn stimulate and strengthen memory. 
    • Antidepressant: The saffron spice provides an antidepressant effect as it is closely related to the increase in serotonergic activity in the body. Saffron promotes the secretion of serotonin, which produces direct and positive effects on the mood of people with acute depression.