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Saffron 2 grams

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2 grams of Saffron from the Oasis cultivated with care, caressing the stigmas delicately and drying thanks to the warm wind of the Altiplano Grenadian. Buying premium saffron is now at your fingertips in our 2 gram format.(Approximately 50 servings)

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Saffron from the Oasis is a saffron of the highest quality grown in the highlands of Granada. Thanks to the more than 900 meters of altitude of its cultivation, this saffron is endowed with a unique color and smell. A guaranteed success in the kitchen to offer your dishes an incredible flavor. 

Saffron with a Crocina index greater than 250.

Tips for using saffron

To take advantage of all the incredible organoleptic properties of Saffron from Oasis, we recommend the following tips:

  • Avoid roasting saffron: our saffron is sold previously dried. For this reason, it is advisable to avoid toasting the product before adding it to the dish, since we could lose some of its properties.
  • Infuse the saffron in water: We recommend infusing the saffron threads in hot water or broth before adding it to the dish we are making. This facilitates the correct absorption of its properties and amplifies its unique taste and smell.

Saffron health benefits

A high quality saffron such as Saffron from Oasis is a "superfood" that offers several benefits for your health:
  • Gastric system: Saffron is a spice that helps the digestive system as it promotes the secretion of saliva, thus stimulating the proper functioning of the digestive system. In addition, crocetin also stimulates the secretion of bile, which helps the correct digestion of food.
  • Memory: Saffron from the Oasis has a large amount of antioxidant components that provide improvements in learning processes, as well as the stimulation of cognitive processes that reinforce memory.
  • Antidepressant: The consumption of saffron in gastronomy is related to the secretion of serotonin. This has an antidepressant effect, increasing serotonergic activity in the body and producing positive effects on the mood of people with depression.