Azafrán del Oasis

Pack 4g Saffron from Oasis Superior Quality

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4 grams of Saffron from the Oasis cultivated with patience and taking care of the stigmas with delicacy in our drying process thanks to the warm wind of the Altiplano Grenadian. Buying superior quality saffron is now at your fingertips in our 4 gram pack. (Approximately 100 servings)

Also, with this pack you save 4 €.

Superior Quality Saffron

Discover the highest quality of saffron with Saffron from the Oasis. Its golden strands are cultivated at an altitude of more than 900 meters, in the Granada highlands. The result is a superior quality product, with a Crocin index of over 250, and which manages to take gastronomy and your star dishes to a new level thanks to its incredible organoleptic properties.

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This saffron pack is perfect to share and / or give away. It is a 4-gram pack consisting of two 2-gram saffron jars, with a lower price than if you bought them separately. Without a doubt, a unique opportunity to taste our saffron of the highest quality.